Get a Job: Texas Industries

February 16th, 2012

Moving to Texas is an exciting proposition. Once you’ve changed your address and looked into Direct Energy in Lewisville Texas you’re going to need to find a job – good news! Texas has thriving industries all over the state and here are a few that are hiring now
Heathcare: If you’ve got any kind of formal healthcare experience you’re in luck – this industry is booming and Texas is a great place to make it happen. From hospitals to research facilities this is a great area to be in.
Manufacturing: From beef to shoes, Texas has a wide array of manufacturing plants. With cheap state taxes and all kinds of incentives it’s a great place to work for a huge company and climb the corporate ladder and manufacturing is the best place to start entry level.
Education: Not a traditional industry, education is the best and biggest growing sector of Texas’ job market. With so many esteemed schools and aforementioned research facilities here it’s hard not to see why the education academics are flocking here in droves. Get in on the ground floor.

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